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Creator Micro

Creator Micro

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Walk into our physical store in Tropicana Avenue (Malaysia) and grab one off the shelves!

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Worklouder Creator Micro
  • Free shipping to all parts of Malaysia & Singapore
  • Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux
  • Works with all software on MacOS, Windows, Linux and iPad OS
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Tech Specs

What's in the box?

Creator Micro


Kailh™ Choc low profile

Keyboard Details

PC shell/CNC Aluminium bottom




USB Type-C

2 x Touch Sensors
1 x Rotary Encoder
1 x Scroll Encoder


Does Creator Micro work with iPad apps?

Yes. It works with any iPad app that supports keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Procreate)

Can it be used to execute complex shortcuts?

Yes. You can program any sequence of key-presses or mouse-action to a specific key on your Creator Micro.

If I want the knob/dial to be tied to a certain function on Software A and another function on Software B, can that be done?

Yes. Creator Micro has 4 programmable layers. You can program each layer for a specific software/function. E.g., Layer 0 can be reserved for Procreate. Layer 1 can be reserved for Figma etc.

Designed to boost productivity, efficiency and creativty.

Works with all your favourite applications. Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and even iPad apps.

Stay in the zone.

Build your muscle memory faster, with 2 analogue and clickable dials, which can be mapped to your most used +/- alterations.

Front size, brush size, zoom, hardness, send to back/front and more at the turn of a dial.

More is more.

Command all your shortcuts, for all your programs from one device with access to 4 discrete layers via the capacitive touch sensor.

Each of your layers can be configured with the VIA configurator - making creating your perfect keymap a matter of seconds, not hours.

Have it all. Design and utility.

The Creator Micro uses a custom CNC aluminum weight and a frosted polycarbonate case to house its unique 4 layer PCB, resulting in impeccable build quality.

Last, but not least, the full gamut per key RBG backlight and underglow enables you have visual consistency across all your RGB enabled devices.

Future proof

Thinking of upgrading to the full Creator Board one day?

The Creator Micro can also be used as an add-on to the XL Creator Board so your current setup can evolve with you over time.

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