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  • Rects and Squares | your favourite books and thousands more<br>in a compact, light-weight device

    your favourite books and thousands more
    in a compact, light-weight device


Fall in love with reading. 
All over again.


sleek, light and compact

The perfect companion for your daily LRT commute, or for your yearly beach vacation! These sleek, light and compact e-readers are perfect for one-handed use.


protect your eyes

The e-ink displays these e-readers come with are extremely easy on the eyes. Headaches and eye-strain are just so.. yesterday! The screens look just like paper, giving users the best reading experience possible on a handheld device.


forget about charging

A single charge lasts for weeks, not days. These devices are extremely power efficient thanks to their eInk displays.


learn more everyday

Quickly check the definition of words, highlight your favourite lines, add notes, and bookmarks to help retain information better.


read in the dark

E-readers come with excellent front-lighting technology making it incredibly convenient to read in the dark.

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