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Ratta Supernote

Supernote A5X (Premium Pen)

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Free shipping to all parts of Malaysia & Singapore
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Demo unit available in store (<a href=../../../pages/our-store>The School @ Jaya One)</a> | Rects and Squares - Official Ebook Reader Store in Malaysia
Demo unit available in store (The School @ Jaya One)

What's in the box

What's in the box

  1. Supernote A5X with FeelWrite 2 Film
  2. Heart of Metal Pen (Generation 2)
  3. Canvas Folio



Say hello to your digital notebook.
Writing on Supernote is akin to writing using a gel pen, thanks to Supernote's proprietary FeelWrite technology, and high-quality pens that come with ceramic nibs. The electronic ink display is coated with a layer of self-recovering soft film (FeelWrite 2), which when paired with the pens, simulate the natural feel of handwriting. This delivers an extremely pleasant and comfortable writing experience with virtually no latency.

Take notes, wherever you are, however you want.

Supernote combines the simplicity of the traditional notebook and the efficiency, flexibility and power you get with modern technology. Use the built-in templates and layers to create the perfect layout for your notes, and create new templates that suit your workflow.

Navigate quickly and efficiently.

The touch slider on Supernote is hands down the most innovative solution we have seen on an electronic ink device to allow users to navigate quickly and efficiently. Use the touch slider to quickly and seamlessly move between documents, notes and other apps.

Annotate books, research papers and documents.

Take notes, highlight and draw diagrams directly on PDFs, EPUBs, and emails. Keywords are searchable too, making it an absolute joy to study and do research on Supernote.

Kindle Integration

Supernote's crisp 10.3-inch PPI electronic ink display is perfect not just for note-taking, but for reading books too! Supernote supports the Kindle app out of the box, giving users access to millions of titles on the Amazon Kindle store.

Technical Specifications


  • 10.3-inch touch-capable display
  • FeelWrite 2 soft film protector
  • 1404 x 1872 resolution
  • 226PPI
Dimensions178 x 245 x 7.9 mm
  • PX30 Quad-core Cortex A35
  • 2GB RAM
  • Chauvet - handwriting middleware based on Android
On-Device Storage32GB
Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox
  • Supernote Cloud
Battery Life2900 mAh
ConnectivityWiFi 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz
Bluetooth 5.0
Included in the Box1 x Supernote A5X
1 x Heart of Metal Gen 2 Pen (with ceramic nib)
1 x Canvas
1 x USB Type-C cable
1 x Quick Guide


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