Kindle Smart Case

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This is our very first line of minimalistic smart cases for Kindle. These cases have a silicon base which is tough and durable, offering excellent protection for your beloved Kindle.

The flip case can be easily detached from your device, thanks to its flexible core. This is great as you would not need to worry about the case leaving scratches behind.

The pattern on the inside of the case paves way for effective heat distribution, which is ideal for a book reader, for you'd expect one to read for hours at a time.

Our smart cases come with intelligent sleep/wake functionality, a feature you have probably become accustomed to in recent years. You'd also be pleased to learn that the base comes with a slight top buffer to prevent damage to the front of the device, and it firmly locks the device in with a gentle click.


Magnetic Sleep/Wake Functionality 
The magnetic edge of the smart case turns on/off the Kindle when the lid is opened/closed.

Perfect Fit
It will fit your device perfectly to offer maximum protection. Every edge is taken care of.

Heat Distribution 
The cases were designed with heat distribution in mind, and the base of the case has patterns engraved on it to channel heat out of the case effectively.

Impact Absorption
The base of the case is made of silicon which is an excellent material for impact absorption.


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