PocketBook Color Note (PB1041) - Everything We Know

It looks like PocketBook, one of the largest e-reader manufacturers in the world, to our absolute delight is preparing to introduce yet another device to its line-up this year based on their latest FCC filing. This time around, it's the PocketBook Color Note (PB1041).

PocketBook has released a string of really solid e-readers this year, and this, based on information available to us in the report at the moment, looks to be the most impressive one amongst the lot.

There's no information pertaining to the release date of the device, its specifications, or even the operating system it'll run. PocketBook devices typically run on Linux, but seeing as this will be a note-taking device, we think there's a high probabilty that it'll run Android instead, just like the recently announced PocketBook InkPad X Pro.

While we haven't seen actual images of the device yet, the silhouttes indicate that Color Note has a new design (unlike InkPad X Pro) and features the same detachable strip at the back that we saw on the Era, InkPad 4 and the InkPad Color 2.

We have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy a true note-taking experience on a PocketBook, so it's difficult to know just what to expect from both InkPad X Pro and Color Note, but we're glad PocketBook is releasing one to compete with offerings from other major players like Supernote, BOOX, Kobo and Amazon.

More information to follow.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 11.01.55 PM