How to Take a Screenshot on your Kindle

It's quite common for owners of Kindles to want to share a snapshot of their screen with their friends on social media to perhaps show their latest collection of books, or even their favourite sentences and paragraphs.

Luckily, Amazon has made it incredibly easy to take screenshots on the Kindle Basic and Kindle Paperwhite!

Taking Screenshots

There are two ways to have a screenshot taken on your Kindle.

Method 1: Tap the bottom left and top right corners of your device simultaneously.


Method 2: Tap the top left and bottom right corners of your device simultaneously.


The display of your device should refresh once, indicating that a screenshot was successfully taken.

Retrieving Screenshots

All screenshots will be stored in the root directory of your Kindle's internal storage.

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer via the micro USB port.

2. Navigate to your Kindle via File Explorer on Windows, or Finder on MacOS.

3. You should see all your screenshots within the root directory in the form of .png images.

Here's an example of a screenshot taken on a Kindle Paperwhite 4.


Good luck, and have fun sharing some Kindle content on your Instagram story! :)