How to set-up your PocketBook account in Malaysia

So you just purchased a PocketBook ebook reader and you'd now like to create an account and set it up to be able to enjoy their awesome services? Great. This article is for you!

1. Create an Account

2. Set-up PocketBook Cloud

3. Log-in on your PocketBook ereader

  • Use the same login details from Step 1 to log in to your PocketBook account on your ebook reader (or PocketBook app)
  • Once done, your e-reader will be linked to PocketBook Cloud!

4. How do these services work together?

  • Once done, you will be able to upload books to your PocketBook Cloud account and they will magically appear on all linked devices (PocketBook e-reader, PocketBook app etc).
  • To force your PocketBook e-reader to get the latest updates from the cloud, just click on the "Sync" button on your device.